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Carbide Line EXTREME

Industriehof eXtreme Carbide Line

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The Industriehof "eXtreme" Carbide Line is specifically designed to meet the needs of farmers. Especially during the peak season, it is important for farmers to work with reliable machines and wearing parts: Wearing parts that can withstand high loads, enable a good soil mixture ratio, providing good value for money. We have accepted these requirements as a valid challenge, and are responding with our range of "eXtreme" wearing parts, based on many years of agricultural experience.

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Made in Germany

We manufacture our wearing parts in Wedemark, Germany, drawing on the latest technology, our comprehensive technical expertise and years of experience. In addition to focusing on individual products, we also develop patented tools and optimize existing products. This means our portfolio never stops growing!

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The entire value chain, from construction, prototyping and production through to finishing and testing, is handled in house. This enables us to warrant for smooth processes, resulting in products of a consistent quality, manufactured on an industrial scale. We handle production lots and series with a variety of quantities. You benefit from a combination of years of experience, technical expertise and superior product quality, all united in our strong "eXtreme" brand.

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But what makes the combination of a hard metal plate and base wearing part so special? The advantage of using hard metal as a wear-resistant material lies clearly with its extraordinary durability when employed in agricultural applications. The base parts of some of the wearing parts from the "eXtreme" series are made entirely of an X1400 cast alloy and are manufactured by our subsidiary, Agriparts. The base parts have a streamlined design to optimize the flow of the soil, when working in challenging conditions. The wear-resistant hard metal plates made of tungsten carbide are soldered onto the base parts.

Although our hard metal parts already demonstrate an impressive level of performance, our "eXtreme" products are continuously retested by our team of experts. This involves working closely with farmers and examining individual work areas with the aim of minimizing product wear.

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Each product is subject to extensive testing before it enters the market. For this, we rely on field testing with farmers in various regions across Europe and on our in-house test facility.

We make time for the important activities during peak season! Time for stubble cultivation, plowing, seedbed preparation, sowing, weed control, potato harvesting and everything else. Notwithstanding the relevant and extended replacement intervals, our "eXtreme" wearing parts continue to produce quality results throughout their entire service life.

You can find our "eXtreme" hard metal series in Group 9 of our catalogue, or as alternative items for standard parts. Feel free to call us if you wish to talk about this line of products, or to find out more.

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high profitability -long term reduced costs per hectar

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