9. Tungsten carbide reinforced wearing parts for soil cultivation

The EXTREME series by Industriehof Scherenbostel offers high-performance wear parts for soil cultivation reinforced with tungsten carbide. The parts are made from Extreme Cast X1400, an alloy developed by our specialists. EXTREME parts are geometrically optimized and designed to withstand difficult conditions such as wear-intensive and abrasive soils. Our products undergo a special treatment, enhancing their mechanical and physical properties to surpass those of a comparative product made of boron steel. The EXTREME series is designed for all soil works, from seedbed preparation to stubble cultivation, ensuring high wear resistance and durability. This is due to the nature of the material and a surface densification process, similar to forging. In this process, the surface is reconsolidated by the pressure of the soil, thus increasing its strength. As an original parts manufacturer known for its many years of experience in soil cultivation, we work closely with our OEM customers from initial planning to the final product, ensuring the parts are perfectly suited for their individual needs and machines.